Active Banano Faucet List

Looking for a list of active Banano Faucets?

I check the faucets below every so often to make sure they are running, and giving out Banano.

(To add or change information about a faucet, please contact me.)

  • The Free Banano Faucet

    Get free Banano sent to your Banano wallet, see Banano's USD price, and learn about the Banano cryptocurrency blockchain.

  • MonkeyTalks

    Monkey Talks is a on-chain messaging system with a daily faucet.

  • i can haz nano

    This is a daily faucet where you can receive a small amount of Banano.


    You can use BananoFaucet once every 7 days!

  • Yet Another BAN Faucet

    Claim Banano cryptocurrency for free every day. Help yourself with feeles cryptocurrency rich with potassium and memes.

  • Moonano Faucet

    A Banano network explorer with multiple features such as ledger backup, list of faucets and community projects.

  • Nanswap Banano Faucet

    Discover Banano with this free Banano faucet. Get a small amount of Banano (BAN) for free instantly.


    Claim free Banano every 2 hours!


    Get your daily dose of $BAN right here, right now!

  • Prussia's Faucet

    Earn Free Banano, and Never Let Your Memes be Dreams!

  • Banano Forager

    You can claim once every 180 minutes. This is a Banano faucet that requires you to take an original picture of a banana.

  • MonKey Faucet